Blademaster Lures, Owned and Operated by Joey Baskins, has been making quality fishing lures for over 20 years.

We are proud to produce handmade fishing lures, all made in the USA. Each lure has been specifically designed for durability & tested for top perfomance.

Our baits include but are not limited to the well known Suddeth Crankbaits, Blademaster Spinnerbaits, jigs, and more!

Featured Crankbaits

026 Green, Glitter, & Gold (GGG)
011 Silver Shad
045 Hartwell Shad
024 Chartreuse & Pearl (ChP)
033 Rootbeer (RB)
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Featured Spinnerbaits

Glimmer Blue
Glimmer Green
Chartreuse & White
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